Creating Companion Guide or Workbook


My organization is transforming a three-day live class into a series of 25 Videos and Storyline 360 Modules. The participants will have six weeks to complete the course and will also have a list of "out of desk" activities to do during this time. These can be completed at any time and in any order but hopefully throughout the modules and not all at once.

Some of the activities will require flexible timing so I do not want to tie them directly to a module. I am hoping all of you very amazing E-Learning Heroes can give me ideas for some sort of interactive course companion that the participant can return to and mark their progress throughout the course of completing the other modules.

I am open to all ideas; interactive PDF, using Rise, or a separate Storyline Module? I appreciate you all!

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Sarah Hodge

Great question, Amy! This is an interesting one. There are so many ways to approach this. I just wanted to share one way of doing this in Storyline 360. Using a similar concept, I created this Getting Started With E-Learning course. Although it's not technically "out of desk" activities, the activities the learners' do perform are outside the course, which gives them the flexibility to complete the activities at any time and at their own pace. If you do go this route, be sure to include that save button to ensure progress is saved in the LMS. 

I'm also interested in seeing what other people in the community have done to approach this type of learning experience.