Creating cumulative test scores

The course I'm developing includes activity questions in the learning modules, followed by a test. To encourage learners to do as many activities as possible, the points they accumulate count as 5% of their final test score. For example, if a learner does 8 out of 10 activities, he/she will have 4% going into the test. The remaining 95% of the score comes from the questions in the test bank.

I've been testing how to do this, but not yet successfully. In the first version, I created my own module activities -- not using the standard quiz questions -- with a points tally box in the upper corner, and the tally would increase +1 point with each activity completed. On the final screen just before the test, there was a final tally of these points and the final % (out of 5%). But I couldn't come up with a way to incorporate these points into the test.

In a second version, I used standard quiz questions in both the module (1 points each) and in the final quiz (10 points each). (attached) I put in a results page at the end of the learning module to tally the points, and another one at the end of the quiz to tally both the points and the test results.

The problem is that once I add the 2nd results page, the first results page didn't work anymore. It gives a zero. It seems that the variable %Results.ScorePoints% can be used just once. This variable also doesn't work to give a running tally in the top corner -- it just shows a zero. Meanwhile, the standard quiz questions don't seem to give an option to capture the score using a different variable.

How do I set up the course so that it shows a running tally of accumulated points, then adds those points into the final quiz? Thank you.



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