Creating diagnostics

As part of our elearning programmes we want to create  a range of Self-diagnostic tools to support individuals and organiations to evaluate thier practice etc.  The idea is that it would highlight strengths and areas for development and give suggestions/ ideas signposting them to specific resources.

I am told constantly that its difficult to do - I would really  welcome any thoughts or ideas!!

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Nicole Legault

Hi Linda, 

Thanks for posting your question here in the E-Learning Heroes community. That's a really great topic, and good for you for trying to identify specific areas where individuals need develoment and improvements.

There's probably many ways to do what you're trying to achieve but I think I would consider a survey myself. You can use the Survey questions in Storyline to make it an interactive and nice looking survey, and then you can view the results in your LMS and tie back specific needs and areas of improvements to specific learners in your LMS, if an LMS is something you have in place at your organization. 

I would put together survey to all the employees in a group/team asking them pointed questions about the specific tasks they carry out on the job and asking them to rate how comfortable they feel doing these tasks, on a scale from say Not Very Comfortable to Very Comfortable.

Then, for areas where people said they were less comfortable doing the tasks, you can offer up specific resources or training for those areas or tasks. 

Andy Jones

Hi Linda,

This is a great challenge.  I presume you are going to do this as part of a single course where the learner takes a diagnostic test/quiz/exam and based on their score are directed to specific scenes/courses/resources.  Is that correct?

Does the learner need to be able to return to the diagnostic 'result' to explore other areas of 'weakness'?  Is the diagnostic self-reporting (they rate themselves) or test based?

It's actually amazingly easy to do because of variables in Storyline - all you need to do is define specific variables to specific answers and if they're triggered then you can show that course.  

To give a simple example, you could have a test with 3 questions.  A right answer sets that questions variable to 1, a wrong answer leaves it at 0 (zero).  Then, after the test, you can highlight the courses/resources/links that a user should follow.  These could go to a scene in that Storyline file, another course or links to YouTube videos etc.  

Hope that helps?