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Julie Frappier

Hi Sian!

I'm also interested into finding what are best practices where mobile device design is concerned. Back in the day,I used to create elearning modules using Articulate Presenter, Engage and Quizmaker. Then, I changed companies and they're using Captivate 9, which I believe it is not as responsive as they make it out to be. :(   So, I'm looking at swithcing to Storyline, but would love feedback on how to design courses with responsive mode in mind.





Kelly Meeker

Hi there! Nicole Legault, one of our Community Managers, has written several articles you might find useful: 

You can also read tutorials about using Storyline 2 to create mobile learning here

You can also read more about Articulate's approach to responsive learning in this whitepaper

Deepak G

Hi Sian,

I don't think you can fix on a specific size for mobile learning. Different mobiles have different resolutions. Catering to all is not possible. One of the ways to do this is using Articulate Storyline's mobile app which is available for Android and iOS devices. But the content doesn't look great on this app. Have tried it. Wasn't good!

Another way to do this by using a mobile learning tool, like QuoDeck. The output created on this tool works on any device, from Mobile, Tab and Laptop. Should definitely help you out. Give it a try!