Creating 'Graphs' in Storyline

Oct 29, 2012

Hi All, my first post so go easy on me. 

I'd like to create an animated bar graph and pie chart  for a course I am creating. 

Can this be done in Storyline & if so how? If it can't is there any software which you'd recommend which could?

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Bruce Graham

Ho Howie, and welcome to the Heroes Community.

Personally, if I need to do this I create in Excel, save as a graphic, then import the image into my .story project.

Once in, you can add "animation" (of a sort) with Markers etc. - it really just depends what you are trying to do.

Hope that helps, and hope to see you around the boards.

Once again a warm welcome.


Jerson  Campos

The only way I can see this happening is if you do it another program  and animate there. Storyline, from what I've seen doesn't support this type of animation. If you require the graph to use the user's input, I think the best way to go about that is to use flash and import the input as variables. You'll have to use actionscripting or try to use a flash template that has the pre-built animation for this and then have it reference the variables. I'm currently working on a demo project that will attempt something similar.

Kevin Collins

I think Jerson is correct - another program would be required. Two Flash programs I use and recommend are SwiffChart Pro and Xcelsius. Xcelsius is the more powerful: it transforms Excel spreadsheets into Flash and can let graphs be generated on-the-fly based on varying user input. Both programs generate a single Flash file which can be brought into Storyline.


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