Creating ILT - Branding

Oct 22, 2021


1. Branding Guide booklet

I have a 76 pager brand book, which needs to be converted to an ILT.

2. Making it interesting

Can you suggest on how can I make the content interesting.

Ideally, this should be spaced learning as learner won’t be able to absorb all the content in one training. Any thoughts. 


Sanchit Malvika

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Ray Cole

Who will be assigned to take this course? What do you want those people to do with the information in the Branding Guide?

When you know the answer to these questions, you can create fictional projects for the students to work on--projects which will require them to pull information from the Branding Guide in order to succeed.

Basically, your course is an opportunity to have learners practice the skills you want them to use outside the course. There must be a reason the Branding Guide is useful. What are the circumstances where someone would need to get info from the Guide? Create those situations in class and have learners solve the problems by using the guide.

Bianca Woods

Hi Sanchit,

It's definitely a challenge to make extensive branding information seem approachable and not like content overload.

Without knowing more about the topics you need to cover it's hard to give specific advice. That said, I did have four more general ideas that could help:

  • Cut the content into logical smaller sections. You already mentioned spaced learning, which is a good instinct. Chunk things out into groups that make sense to how people will use the information. For instance, maybe one chunk would be company colors and another logo use.
  • Show realistic examples and non-examples of each guideline or rule. The better branding guidelines I've seen show both what a guideline looks like if you've followed it, as well as some common examples of where people make mistakes with it. That can do a lot to make the information feel more grounded in people's actual work.
  • Find out what aspects of branding your learners struggle with most. While you may want to touch on all the guidelines, how deep you go into them can depend on whether or not they're currently things employees struggle with. You can save learner time by only going deep into the guidelines people at the organization tend to make mistakes with.
  • Weigh how much your learners have to remember versus how much they need to just know where to look up. If some or all of these branding guidelines are details your learner won't be using often, it might be less important for them to memorize them and more important for them to just know where to look up the guideline details when they need them.