Creating Interactive Passenger Safety Cards #309 By Mrinalini Dayal

The challenge was to create an airline passenger safety cards. I looked up the samples provided first. For the title slide I used a photo and blurred it and added graphics and a customized video to it.
For slide 2, I looked up articulate’s content library and got a photo which I blurred to get the desired effect. Added the audio to slides 2 and 3 as per the story I was telling.
Next slide, is the welcome slide where custom made graphics, audio and on screen text were added.
Similar approach used for slides 4, 5, 6. For slide 7, a custom button was created for users to click to begin the elearning module.
The next screen is the screen which shows four custom made icons. These are buttons which when clicked play the custom made videos created for the passenger safety cards.
All four videos have custom made graphics, audio added to each. I used markers to show the emergency exits. Each icon can be clicked and it plays each of the four videos. A close button was created on each of the videos which takes the users back to the video icon screens.
For the next slide, I used the blurred photo used initially in the first few screens. This screen has an audio that concludes the story being told.



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