Creating Mobile Courses with Articulate 360

Hey folks! 

Now that Articulate 360 has been out in the wild for almost 2 months (wow, time flies!) I wanted to reach out and see how it's impacting your day-to-day work.

Specifically, I'd love to hear how Rise and the new responsive player in Studio and Storyline have changed the way you develop courses for mobile:

  • How do you approach the design process differently?
  • Are you able to build courses faster? If so, how much time would you say you save?
  • What feedback are you hearing about how courses look across devices?

Looking forward to your answers! :)

2 Replies
Phil Mayor

Articulate 360 made me look like a hero to a client, I created 7 modules in Storyline 2 for a client. When the client spoke with the end client after everything was completed the end client stated that they were concerned about reliance on flash. 

I had Articulate 360 so offered to republish as HTML5 first, very little work from my end and client was over the moon!