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Kelly Kremin

I realize I might be straying off-path just a bit, but, here goes.

Before transitioning into Instructional Design and Training Delivery, I was a Technical Communicator. As a result, I *ALWAYS* use trademarks as dictated by the company that owns the trademark, regardless of who is being trained. And, I always copyright my work for my employer.

So, every time I refer to a Microsoft product in a supporting file I create, I attribute it as Microsoft would like me to: Microsoft (R) PowerPoint (R).

And, Copyright (c) YYYY-YYYY Company Name All Rights Reserved in the footer of all supporting files.

Further, I remove any specific product reference in CBT. So, I use presentation or spreadsheet instead of specific product names.

For me, it's a simple matter of covering my bases.

So, if I were specifically training my coworkers on a Microsoft product, I would 100% of the time use product names the way Microsoft wants me to. But, I would train people how to use those products in a way that makes the most sense for my company and our use of those products.

Makes sense?