Creating short clip


I need to have a short video or short clip of my 60 min course before I start the course. So that user can have a idea what they will read in other 60 mins just a 3 min short clip. Can anybody show some samples that how it (short clip) should look like? 

Its same way a trailer comes up before a movie and we get an idea what movie will be about? so any samples can any body show ?


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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Claudia and Anirudh: If you go to and search for "elearning trailers" you'll get a few decent examples. Some basic things to include if you create a trailer:

  • highlight the problem the training solves or addresses
  • explain how the training solves the problem
  • show what the course contains (screenshots, animated gifs, video clips of actual course content are usually included in trailers)

For example,