Creating tabbed notebook using Powerpoint 2016

I have attempted to create a four-tabbed notebook using your tutorial on the subject. I am using PowerPoint 2016.  I can create my pictures to insert into the master slide view. My problem is inserting the pictures into the 2016 PowerPoint template and not disappearing. I save the file after they all are inserted, but the slides are not there when I open the file again. I am not certain what I am doing wrong. Is there something I need to do different for the  PowerPoint 2016 version? Any help would be beneficial.




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Trina Rimmer

Hi Pat. I'm not sure which tutorial you're referencing, but once you've added images to the master slides, you'll need to ensure that you're applying those slide layouts to your slides in order to see them. I made a very quick Peek video that explains this in case it's helpful.

If you're still stuck, please reply here or open up a case with our support team so we can help you one-on-one!