Creating This Simulation in Storyline 3/360

Hi Heroes!

I'm going to create my eLearning portfolio. But, my storyline skills are pretty basic. I wanna first, create a software simulation training. Liked this old one:  developed by Commlab.

This sample simulation begins with a scenario explaining the need for the training. It is then followed by the actual simulation training. Loved the way, how the avatar provides guided instructions (OST, Audio & Silence) to help learners achieve the outcome of the training.

Did a lot of digging on the internet to find something like this. Think it was created using Captivate. I wanna create something like this for my portfolio using Storyline3/360.

All that said, can you guys help me understand this sample training better? Was it created using Captivate/Storyline/other software? Like I said, my storyline skills are pretty basic, so how can I develop something like this in Storyline 3/360? I'd like to know especially, about the first part of the example--the scenario part. How can I create this? Are there any special triggers available for this in the community? Please explain.

I know this is an old example. Are there anyother good software simulation training examples for inspiration?




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Sarah Hodge

Hi Daniel! As Sally mentioned, that first part looks like Vyond. The part after that where the learner interacts with the software is something you can create in Storyline. David Anderson made this awesome software simulation example that has a similar concept. He also created this video tutorial if you'd like to learn how to create something like this. I hope that helps!

Sarah Hodge

Hi Daniel! I'm not aware of any free animation software similar to the one in the example you shared. Perhaps the community members might have some tips on that. Most of the software I'm aware of (Vyond, Powtoon, Animaker) all have a pricing structure. 

As for importing videos into Storyline, here's more info on which type of video files you can add. I hope that helps!