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Jeanette Brooks

Hi there Kayla - In your profile, the Tutorials heading will contain links to any comments that you've posted to the existing tutorials on E-Learning Heroes. (Each tutorial has a comment section at the end.) Currently, all the stuff you see in the Tutorials section is created & managed by the Articulate peeps... howevah!  ... we LOVE to see folks from the community share their knowledge via Screenr! So if you have a cool tip to share, or you'd like to give people a look at the stuff you're building, or if you want to pass along some cool e-learning ideas, Screenr is a wonderful (and free) tool you can use to do that. Once you record a screencast, you can post the URL here in the forums for all to see. And if you're into Twitter, you can also tweet it with the #Articulate hashtag and it will get seen by even more folks.