Creating your own navigation buttons, and Javascript

I have been working on creating my own navigation buttons and template. I want to use more traditional forward, back and exit buttons. With PowerPoint actions, the forward and back buttons work well. The Exit button is not as easy. I downloaded someone's Exit button SWF, but I am concerned about losing tracking information between the course and the LMS. I want to run a Javascript command when the user clicks the Exit button. This command [javascript:LMSCommit();] will force sending this info to the LMS.

I am not sure how to insert a javascript command in Articulate. Can anyone help?

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Bob S

Hi Kevin,

Questions like this come up here every so often, and while there may be several answers, the one we settled on involves Flash.

For an exit button, we simply inserted a small SWF movie that makes the javascript call upon clicking.

Here is a link that describes it with just touch of tech talk...

Hope this helps,