Creative ideas for content reviews?

Mar 14, 2013

Hi Everyone!

I'm looking for some creative and engaging ways to review material without resorting to the multiple-choice, true/false route.  The material the learners will be reviewing is very fact/science based (e.g.  how bacterium grow, their Latin names, etc.).  We're doing scenarios, but in many cases the information they need to learn is not something they would apply during their day-to-day jobs, but are required to know (compliance) so a job-related scenario does not apply.  Any suggestions?  


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Darrell G

Hi Betsy,

My background before i became an instructional designer was as an IT and Business studies college teacher so i feel your pain!

If it's just words you want them to learn then a charades type e-learning game would work well (sounds like.......)  or i have also used a game show format where they have three or four anwers on the screen and the definitions of the word appears (for instance - "spore forming bacteria" and then if they dont get it after 10 seconds then "b_ _c_ _ _" appears)

Hope that makes sense/helps!

Daniel Brigham

Hi, Betsy:

Hard to say "Betsy" without smiling a bit inside.

I might suggest a conversation between characters. It doesn't have to be a "scenario" but just a true-to-life conversations between two people. Of course, you'd have to set up the characters. Maybe a studio group type of situation. Maybe one character could spout some commonly held misinformation and one could help disabuse that characters of those notions.

By the way, sure you can't find a way for one of your characters to bump into this information in his/her day-to-day job? "You might not think you need to know this information, BUT..."

Sales Framework

I used to be in the financial world, so I totally understand reviewing dry subject matter!  Part of the trick is making it seem fun, even if it is a multiple choice or short answer type of question. When it comes to memory recall (which it sounds like you might be) simple games can be fun. 

I've created games like all of the ones below using either quizmaker or storyline:


1. Name that Bacteria!

A series of "short answer" questions with a photo of the bacteria, and they need to type in the latin name.  You can even give them a "hint" button that provides a list of names to choose from. 

2. Who am I?

Short answer questions again. Use the timeline to fade in one fact at a time (you can pick how many facts total you want, I've used 3 or 5 before), and the user has to guess which bacteria is being described before the last fact is revealed. 

3. Trivia

Multiple choice, very simple. With a timed element though (giving them only a certain amount of time to answer the questions), and good graphics to make it feel like a game, it can be competitive and fun. If you use a question "bank", you can make the quiz different every time they retake it. 

4. Family Fued

Again, short answer. (Can you tell I love this option?) The question would be something like "Bacteria grow best in this type of environment". The users can type in their answers. If correct, use triggers in storyline to make the word appear on a Family Feud style board on the same screen.

Just some ideas, hope they provide some inspiration! 

Ryan Simons

I hope this works...

    If it is not pertinent information directly related to the rest of the course, see if you can make it a job aid or a resource that they can use later. This allows your learners to focus on content that they really need to know in the course itself. That way, you don't slow down the good stuff (scenarios), with the unnecessary stuff (fact based science) blah who needs that...just kidding. 

Another idea, would be to take them on a "tour" of the different items. You mentioned bacterium. Well how about a tour through the different items with images and call-outs. Bacterium looks pretty wild close up... take them on a "tour of terms" with a timed challenge at the end. The National Science Foundation has a great example of a tour:

You could take them on a tour and then offer a review challenge like the bad bacteria are growing...answer these questions or match the correct answers in time to stop the bacteria from spreading. Gamification and Review....engaging and satisfying. 

Good Luck, Betsy!

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