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May 18, 2011

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to include links to company information, documents, etc. in an E-Learning course? I am working on a training that includes many links to forms and pages on our company Intranet, and I am not sure how to include these on my slides without them looking out of place or disjointed. In the past, our trainings have included underlined links within the bullet points, but I am wondering f if there are some better ideas out there...


Jessica Nazemi

HR Consultant

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Bob S

Hi Jessica,

If you are using Articulate, my first suggestion is to consider the Attachments Tab option. Learners love having resource material served up to them in that manner.

Another idea might be to create an area on every slide dedicated to "resources" or "more info". Could even make that a click activated object that opens and serves up your html links and descriptions.

Hope this helps,

Bruce Graham

Thinking of a company notice board/corkboard, with stickies on it, each with  Text Box that hyperlinks to an http:// resource on-site?

Or a "doors" idea, where each door has a Dept. Label on it, and you do the same sort of thing.

Or picture frames (or a Gallery?) with different photos of buildings, the board etc etc. and a series of nested hyperlinks to source


You could possibly use Wordle, with the various functions sized based on their proportional # of staff, all horizontally aligned, and again, (can you guess what I am going to say here...), us a series of .ppt shapes / rectangles behind each one, no fill, no border, and hyperlink the shape to a url. You would need the shapes to ensure wherever they clicked on the word it made the connection.

It's going to be much better to have them "do" something, or click "on something", in investigative mode rather than use bullets and hyperlinks, aand it can all be done/hiddden in .ppt.

Good luck. Sure many more ideas will flow from the community.


Gerry Wasiluk

If you have a company intranet where the links are also on pages there, include a screenshot of those pages so you show people also where the links are.  (Or first do a screencast and then use a static image.)

Then make the links on the screenprint(s) clickable by putting a transparent PPT shape over the link(s) and adding a hyperlink to each. 

Jessica Nazemi

Thanks for all the great ideas. I think that using the Attachments Tab option is a good choice, as well as  a "Resources" area perhaps in the form of a chalkboard. I am trying to incorporate these links into the slides themselves, so that when, for example, we are on the topic of Interviewing Techniques, we can link directly to our "Illegal Interview Questions" document on our Intranet. I don't want to make an entire slide to address this document alone, I just want to include it as an additional resource or tool.

I appreciate all of your ideas and hope they will continue to flow!


Tiffany McDonald

Where would I be without all of you?  I just sent Mike a note asking for the ppt.  I have only 20 hours this month to develop (including updating all material) two courses and get them tested, hosted and posted.  I am grabbing all the predone material I can get from all of you!  You are going to make me a a super star when I meet this deadline.  FANTASTIC ideas!  The only thing I can add is I am creating a "course page" on sharepoint for each of our courses.  This page will be where we house the most updated learning material.  The latest approved ppt for traditional courses, the link to courses for online learning, all extra material and in one case a blog since the material is being redone so we can get comments.  Another course is going to have a place that will be "ask an expert" and it will email someone when people have a question.  We figured having pages in our training site for each course that contained all the pieces might be useful.  Once we finish the first one I will let you know!

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