Criteria for creating eLearn

May 18, 2020

Hi - im working on pulling together some 'criteria which can be used to answer the question 'should i create an elearn using this classroom content?' I imagine I'll create something like a flow diagram with a series of 'yes/no' questions which will help guide people to decide on if their content is suitable for an eLearn.

Has anyone come across research or articles, or have any thoughts on what i can include in this criteria?

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Sarah Hodge

Hi Scott and welcome to E-learning Heroes! 🙂

That’s a great question and something a lot of people ask about. In my experience, I like to do a needs analysis first to determine if e-learning is the solution. Sometimes the solution ends up being a blended approach or something entirely different. This article walks through how to determine if e-learning is really the answer.

If you’re referring to converting instructor-led training into e-Learning, there are things you’ll want to consider. Instructor PPTs are designed for an instructor, not e-learning. You’ll have to take the time to redesign that content for an online audience. This article shares some awesome tips on how to accomplish that.

Hopefully you find some of the content in those articles useful for your project.

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