Cumulative learner input and print interaction

I saw this the other day:  and wondered if it's possible to do either with Studio (Quzimaker) or Storyline...

The learner is asked questions on successive screens and then the final screen says "print it" and reflect on it. I think Jeanette did something like this before, but not sure it was the same...can anyone tell me if you can do this with an Articulate product and if so, a screenr or how-to would be awesome? 


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Holly MacDonald

That was the one I was thinking of Thanks Jeanette- can I do this with cumulative slides like my sample above (will it hold all the responses if I did a submit all instead of one at a time?), or do I need to rethink the flow.

I am continually amazed at the level of support offered by articulate products. Just another example of how awesome you are... 

Jeanette Brooks

Thanks for the kind words Holly - that means a lot to us!

Yeah, you should be able to use an unscored survey question as  the "takeaway" question for the final question in your quiz. If you do that, I'd recommend not modifying the report.html like I did in my example, else it won't include all the details from the other questions in your quiz. (My version in the example was trimmed quite a bit... since my entire "quiz" was actually just a single question, I only wanted to include a few of the usual fields on the report.)