Custom Animations - who do you call?

We'd like to commission someone to create a custom animation (pretty sure it would have to be done utilizing tools outside of Articulate).

The vision:  Think cartoon-like. A character (yet to be designed) busting through an image and making an announcement (image would then, of course, be damaged accordingly). The character's mouth would also be moving while they are talking. We can handle the audio piece ourselves.

Anyhow, have any of you ever commissioned work like this before, and who would you recommend?


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Bob S


Not the full answer, but if you can't find a freelance animator to do it all  (image burst, etc)  then CrazyTalk software can easily do the character piece AND sync the audio to facial movements for you.  Used to be less than $100 bucks and all you need is a static picture or illustration.

Good luck!

Ryan DeWitt

Sounds like a fun project, However, don't under estimate the complexity of this project, it's about 2-3k to get a reliable animator to do a custom illustration and animation. Just wanted to help with your expectations. Crazy Talk is a good option but you'll need the full body animator version.

Jerson  Campos

Hi Cheryl,

What kind of animation are you looking for. If you are looking for frame-by-frame animation, that will be a little more expensive since it's very time consuming. For a quick estimate, you can visit Jazza's website and play around with the options. 

If you want something less expensive, you might need to go with cutout or puppet animation. I'm not sure if these are the correct terms, but this is what I called them because of the techniques used in the software. Here are two of my samples. 

Sample 1 - Cutout animation

Sample 2 - Puppet/Cutout animation

If you have any questions, please PM me.

Bernd Salewski

Hi Cheryl,

World Learning HUB is based in Bangkok and we produce bespoke eLearning courseware for customers all over APAC. One of our main tools is the use of avatar characters and animations for scenario based 2D/3D animations embedded in Storyline courses.

We have our own team of animators and character designers. There is a library of characters available with different ethnics and from different backgrounds. Adaptions to any style and the creation of new character is possible. And of cause the production of your animated clip.

If you are interested please contact me.