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I am building an assessment in which users need to select one number for each question. Currently, if they change their mind and want to chose another answer, both answers will show up as selected (see screenshot below) 

How can I make it so that only one number shows up as selected, even though user clicks on more than one? I feel this might have to do something with states but I am not sure.



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Jenny Anderson

The easiest method would be to make one question its own slide and select a "pick one" freeform layout. 

Otherwise, you could do it with triggers and variables, but honestly, the time it would take to do it is quite tedious.

You could do a slider, then when the learner slides the slider it could display the appropriate selection.  

Joey Buys

Hi Liliane.

I found a very easy way of creating the functionality that you are seeking using a single object with multiple states and a few hotspots. I have attached my solution herewith.

I opted to create a "transparent" box with the seven "score" boxes inside it (this simply makes it easier to select and manage the elements). I then created the initial state and copied it seven times, one for each selected number, and applied the appropriate formatting to the boxes. 

I then created a hotspot for each number that I placed over the respective box and set the trigger of the hotspot to change the state of the object to corresponding numerical value.

The neat thing about this solution is that you can copy and paste the entire solution (base object and 7 hotspots) easily and the functionality will remain intact. 

Kind regards,


Liliana Cotoara

Hi Jenny,

Thank you so much for replying. I was thinking about doing the "pick one" format but then I have 20 questions...that would be 20 slides. And I've already created variables and triggers (took me a loooot of time indeed).

Slider could have been a good option but now it's to late to start all over again

Liliana Cotoara

Hi Joey,

haha, that's really creative; never could have thought about this solution :). 

I've already created variable and triggers to show me the results of the assessment. do you think these hotspots will mess up my results page? I will give it a try today and let you know how it went.

Thank you Joey and Jenny

Joey Buys

Hi Liliana.

The hotspots will require some additional triggers to track the users selection. This means that the original trigger, as it currently is, will change the state of the object to the corresponding number. A second trigger will then be used to adjust a variable to the same number as what the state is reflecting. All the hotspots in one line will thus change the same variable (if the user changes his / her option).

Hope this helps :)

Liliana Cotoara

I've already created variables and triggers (see story file attached).

I think I have to redo them all because the hotspots will cover my numbered boxes :)

This might be very easy but I can't figure out how you made that single object to contain numbers. I thought you might have grouped a few objects in one but it looks like not.

Thanks again Joey!

Liliana Cotoara

I run into another issue with this assessment. When revisiting the Results slide, the totals score changes. 

The trigger that I used to calculate the sum of one column basically says "add 2 variables when timeline starts". What other trigger could I use so that the sum of columns doesn't change when revisiting the slide?

PS: If I adjust the Slide properties to "reset to initial state", then whatever learner writes in the text entry field will be lost.