Custom built menu on layers and slide layers

Hi all,

This is a bit complicated so I hope it makes sense(!) We have built a custom menu in Storyline that flies out when the learner clicks on each icon. Each icon links to a layer where a bar animates on and reveals the title of that section. The user can then click on a close button which links to another layer where the bar flies off (animates out).

Our problem is that in order for this to work we have had to hide all other layers, but some slides contain their own content layers as well. Which means that if the learner clicks on one of the menu icons whilst a content layer is open, that content layer will then disappear. We have tried using states for both the menu and content layers but it doesn't work. Anyone tried developing something similar? The menu works well on its own so we'd like to keep it if possible.

Thanks in advance!

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Judy Nollet

If you want to continue using layers for the Menu and layers on interactive slides, you'd need to add lots of specific triggers.

  • Set the Layer Properties for all layers so the default is to NOT hide other layers when that layer shows.
  • On each layer, add a trigger to hide each layer that definitely needs to be hidden.
    • For example, suppose an interactive slide has 5 layers. On layer 1, there would be triggers to hide layers 2-5. (But there would not be triggers to hide any Menu layers, so a Menu layer would stay visible.)

Alternately, consider rebuilding your custom Menu with motion paths instead of layers.