Custom feedback for each MC quiz response - ONE correct answer

Hello all,

Is there a way to provide custom feedback for each multiple choice quiz response using Storyline 360? I want learners to receive the corresponding feedback for each incorrect answer, as well as, feedback for the correct answer. Additionally, I do not want to use the gray feedback boxes - I have custom content and designs that will reflect the different answers.

I've created a MC question (one correct and two incorrect answers) and customized each feedback slide using the "Blank" feedback template. I've setup feedback by choice instead of by question. Testing it, I select an incorrect response then click Submit, and the corresponding feedback layer displays. Great. The problem is, submitting kills my chance to change the answer. 

Am I missing something? I feel like this should not be a difficult task, but some reason, I'm stuck. I've spent several hours on this without a solution.



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Wapiti From Itineris NV

Hi Sandi,

What exactly do you man by "submitting kills my chance to change the answer" ?
Do you want your learners to be able to try again? Setting up the "Attempts" option for your question could help, I think.
I've added a screenshot for you.

A workaround could be to use Variables and custom feedback layers. It would be more work than the built in options of Storyline itself, but it might suit your needs.

If you create a number (or text) variable for the question (I'll call it Q01_Value here),  you can set up a trigger for each answer option to change the variable when clicked.
Click answer 1, Q01_Value becomes equal to 1. Click answer 2, Q02_Value becomes 2 etcetera.

Then add the triggers for the custom feedback layers to your submit button with conditions:
If Q01_Value = 1, then show feedback layer 1 and so on.

(PS: don't forget to add a trigger at the start of the timeline that 'resets' your variable.)



Sandi Williams

Hi Karen,

Thanks for the reply. I’ve finally found a simple solution to this design:

The main page has 3 option buttons – two incorrect, one correct.

The two incorrect options each show a layer with the specific incorrect feedback. The only option on these layers is a “Try Again” button which hides the layer to return to the main content.

The correct option shows a layer with the correct feedback. There is a Continue button to go to the next page as well as a “Review” button, which also hides the layer to return to the main content.

I think I had gotten turned around because of the initial freeform quiz I designed for this activity. There was a request to require the learner to view the correct answer before continuing but I couldn’t figure out how to do that with the interaction.

Regarding what I meant by “submitting kills my chance to change the answer,” if the learner returns to the question after it was submitted, the question becomes read only (or goes to review mode) and is unable to be edited.

Thanks again for following up.


Melissa Nikolic

I put feedback in the correct and incorrect answers as a real-time feedback technique.  In the 'form view' for a multiple-choice quiz you can see the 'Set feedback and branching'.  I put the custom feedback in the incorrect answer (click 'more') and the correct answer boxes.

I hope that answers part of your questions.



Allison LaMotte

HI Sandi,

You can create custom feedback for each choice automatically by simply choosing the "by choice" option in Form View. There's more information on how to do that here.

To allow learners to change their answers, you'll need to update the number of attempts. Here's how that works.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Sandi Williams

Hi Allison,

After more research and practice, it looks like I may need help with using a custom feedback layer with the "By Choice" option, but I'm still not sure how that's is done.

Regarding changing the answer, once the user clicks Submit after retrying an unlimited number of times, if they returned to the interaction, the question is not editable until it is reset.

Thanks for responding.


Allison LaMotte

Hi Sandi,

If you choose "by choice" and start typing the feedback in form view, Storyline will create a feedback layer for you automatically. Here's a quick screencast to show you how that works.

To allow learners to try again when revisiting the question slide, you need to change the slide settings to "Reset to initial state". Here's a short screencast that explains how that works.

Let me know if have any other questions!