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Rachel Hartshorne

Hi Narissa, 

Any shape or image can be turned into a 'button' Just add a trigger to it telling it what to do, eg. jump to next slide.

Better still, add some extra states such as hover and selected so that users can tell that it is a button.

Finally, you may want to deselect the 'previous' and 'next buttons from the slide as well. This can be done from the base layer.

Narissa Kentfield

Hi Rachel,

Thanks for your reply.

Sorry I should have been clearer, I'm aware of the above. What I was wondering was if there was something in the player settings to make the button sit outside of the slide? Or is it that they extended the width of the story size to get the button appear as though it's outside of the story?

Thank you. Appreciate your help.

W Gill

Did the button move onto the stage when some event happened?  Perhaps a box was clicked, or the timeline reached the end?

Maybe the button was on a motion path and set to enter the stage when something happened.

I have created motion paths on buttons on buttons to enter when the learner has completed a task within the slide so they can move forward.