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Nancy Mucklow

That's what I thought too, at first. But the logo at the top lines up with the top tab of the menu in the side bar -- which would place it on the player. Or could it be that the has been customized with an enlarged viewing area and a reduced (thinner) player -- thereby making extra room for a top title bar?



Ashley Chiasson

Agree - it doesn't appear to be custom. I'm having flashbacks to a multimeter course I worked on for DND several years ago :p looking at your location, this looks as though it might be ATTR-related; tread lightly with the client. They tend to like what they like and will likely resist any major changes to look and feel if it veers from current products. 

Nancy Woinoski

Agree with everyone else. This is not custom work. The logo is just placed on the slide (or on the slide master) and the title and tabs are turned off. I don't even think they played with the course dimensions in this case. I saw Ashley's warning about the client but won't it be better if you could convince them to remove the logo from all the slides and just keep it on the Intro slide and maybe the exit slide?  This is what I always try to do whenever possible because the logo just takes up space. 

Ashley Chiasson

Convincing (some) DND folk can prove tricky :p if I can come across a sample from the last program I worked on for them, I'll send it along. 


They at tend to like the sidebar menu (it mimics older outstart Lms interfaces), but I believe we just put squadron info on the master slide to get out of using the logo, and added a logo with transparency to the bg.