Custom Question/Answers Overview - Variables needed!

I would like to create an overview for the learner at the end of a quiz, where he/she can see all the questions and if the have been answered wrong or right. Kind of like in the attachment.

I want to use different states for the little banners that change based on if the respective question was answered correctly or not. 

Is there any variable that stores the information if a question was answered correctly? how can i access this information easily? This should become a standard in our courses, so we'd like to have to do as little change as possible when using it in a different course

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Judy Nollet

The functionality you want is already built into Storyline. Just add a Review button to the Results slide. Clicking that button will let the learner step through the questions, and the program automatically puts a banner at the bottom indicating whether their answer was correct or incorrect. If you select the "Show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing" checkbox in the Trigger Wizard for the Review button, the program will do that, too. You open the Trigger Wizard by selecting the trigger in the trigger panel, and then clicking the edit button.

BTW, I suggest you check out Articulate's tutorials and user guides (for example: They provide a good foundation for how to use the software. Or, if you prefer books (like I do), I recommend "E-Learning Uncovered: Articulate Storyline 360" (other versions also available).

Maximilian Arlt

Thanks a lot for your reply, Judy. We are aware of the review funktion built into storyline, but our learners dont respond particularly well to that and do not use it most of the time. That is why we wanted to try out an overview slide, where the learners can see all the Questions and if you answered them correctly. To do that I need some variables to track if a question was answered correctly (You could change the variable to True/false everytime and answer is selected, but that is high maintenance on course creation). I am open to other suggestions as well though.

Judy Nollet

Maximilian: Alas, I misinterpreted what you wanted to do. Aside from using lots of variables, I don't have any ideas for how to provide the overview you're looking for.

FYI: I stopped using the "Show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing" function years ago after too many instances of users misinterpreting the markings. If I do include a Review button, it's just so the user can see if their answers were correct or not. And I might include the Feedback function during review, too. But usually I provide immediate feedback, that is, when the user clicks the Submit button.

Maximilian Arlt

Thanks a lot to you both. Currently we do give feedback if the answer was correct/incorrect immerdiately. We just wanted to give the learners an opportunity to study the Questions again in a comprehensive way, after getting the end result. If we had to add a variable for every course and add the interactions that is too high maintenance for us, as we pump out content pretty rapidly. Thanks anyways for your answers :)