Custom vs. Off-the-shelf

When is it more profitable/necesssary to have custom content built, as opposed to buying off-the-shelf or previously developed training?

I use Articulate when we need specific training on a computer program or possible company-specific policies/proceedures...but if I didn't have the access to such authorizing tool, or if I just didn't have the time, are those the types of things to have custom training designed for.  I mean, you wouldn't go and have custom customer service training designed would you?

I would love to hear people's opinions/feedback on custom vs. off-the-shelf training.  Thanks!

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Robert Kennedy

Hi Rachel,

It REALLY depends on the company.  From our perspective (the developer perspective), we really just build what the client wants.  In a couple of cases currently, the client was asking us to build some stuff that was already out there.  I could have simply just said, yup, we'll build it, knowing that they could buy it somewhere else, possibly for cheaper.  But, my response to them was to inquire about their special brand/spin that they hoped to put on this training to make it different from what was already available.  Some companies find it more meaningful to their employees to have the images branded for their company.  They find it more reflective of their company culture.  In some cases, if you have something custom built, as things change in your company, you can edit/add/upgrade to make the information more relevant or particular to you.  From a customer perspective, yes, there are things like human resources trainings that are readily available as off-the-shelf.   But it really depends on how much control you want to have over the content.  Hope that answers your question some.