Custom website or LMS?

Hello all, was hoping to get your thoughts.

What I'm trying to do is complicated (at least to me it is ) but this is the best of analogy.

Goal: Imagine trying to take an entire encyclopedia and turning it into a Articulate Storyline (AS) presentation and then sell subscription access to the information. The intent is not to ever sit through the entire thing, but to reference it every once in a while for necessary information.


I've checked out many of the LMS options out there and they look great, low-cost and fairly easy to use, but their designs are a bit rigid. There areĀ no courseĀ "sub-categories." You can only offer an entire "course" and then have subcategories in the actual coarse itself and each course usually has file size limitations. For a user, this design would not be easy to sort through an encyclopedia.

I'm thinking this: Organization website -> Shopping cart -> Paypal -> Provision of log-in and password -> Access to copyrighted material -> now I can create the webpage with many buttons that bring up AS presentations and presented in anyway I want with subcategories.

Thoughts? I'm very open minded. Just struggling to find the best answer.


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Glyn Chadwick

Dear Edward

I do something similar (but not for Storyline) where the user buys a subscription for information. I use the DotNetNuke Content Management System where the subscriber can purchase access to all or part of the site. Works well and we have had positive feedback. You could make the menu system launch the storyline module or embed the storyline file in a iFrame.

If you want more information then let me know.