Customer Support Scenario Training

Dec 29, 2014

Hi there,

I am thinking of creating scenario-based learning with Articulate. However, I have a few questions that maybe you could all answer for me if possible. This would consist of a learner going through a training where a customer has issues related to the product(s) and the staff member must be able to properly diagnose the issues.

  1. Has anyone done this before with Articulate for Customer Support staff?
  2. Is there a template that could work for this type of training that already exists? 
  3. Any tips or suggestions for this? 

Thank you!


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Heather Willis

Hi Peter,

This can easily be done in Articulate. 

You can use background images from the place of business to make it seem more realistic with stock characters from Articulate or another source such as e-learning art. There are many ways it could be structured and I have provided a few below:

1) You can provide feedback after each interaction with the correct way to respond if they choose the wrong answer.

2) You can branch the scenarios and have it follow a specific path with each right or wrong answers.

3) You can use states to change the customers demeanor based on the response to help guide the learner to understand whether they are going in the right direction. 

There are many variations of each of the above including using a customer satisfaction meter that goes up or down based on their choice by placing a point value on the answers. 

There are templates available and I sometimes use to download them through my membership but most of the time I find it is easier to create from scratch depending on which style you choose to use. You may even come up with some of your own.

I would begin by mapping out the scenario you would like to use with the correct answer and them come up with two or three alternative answers that are incorrect. From there you can analyzing the branching approach to determine how much or how little branching would be involved.

I am not sure if I have provided you enough detail and am happy to elaborate if you need some clarification.

Good luck!!


Peter Tiziani

Hi Heather,

This is great information! I really appreciate you responding to me. I think I'll start of by mapping out the various scenarios. I realize this could be a huge project but if I can at least have something that covers the top 3-5 issues our team faces it would be a big help. My goal is to not only incorporate our solution into this module but also the customer support skills needed to assist a potentially upset customer--essentially mimic something which occurs day to day. 



Allison LaMotte

Hi Peter,

Here are a couple different examples for inspiration:

Example 1 shows an easy way to provide learners with dynamic feedback using states and triggers. 

Example 2 is another example of a scenario-based mini-module that you could adapt to fit your needs (template download available).

Example 3 shows another way that you could put together a scenario-based module quickly and easily (template download available).

Also, if you haven't read these articles, I would recommend checking them out:

Build Branched E-learning Scenarios in 3 Simple Steps

Instructional Design Tips for Scenario-Based E-learning Content

7 Steps for Better E-learning Scenarios

That should get you started. If you're able to share a sample of your scenario when you're finished, I'd love to see how it turns out!


Joshua Roberts

Hello Peter,

I actually wrote a blog post giving some advice in ways of presenting topics like this. You may find it useful - it uses the new iOS app "Papers, Please" and contains several nice ways to layout the screen and provide additional help to the learner.

Here's the link - Gaming in Training

There are some really nice ways you can lay out the piece and some very engaging methods you can use to pull people in.

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