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Hi Team,

The character pack that Articulate offers is awesome. Is there a way you could introduce more characters. For example, industry people pack the characters wear yellow helmet. There are various codes and std. that define these and cannot be used everywhere. Can you introduce few other industry characters that wear Blue and white helmets too?

Similarly am sure there must be requirement in other types of tasks too. So can a better more elaborative Character pack can be created by Articulate? Just a request :)

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Christy Tucker

I've been working on some contractor safety training. The specific combos of PPE needed for different environments are basically impossible to replicate in a photo library. Some need blue or white hats; I've got one where internal people wear green, but external contractors wear yellow or other colors. Some need safety glasses but not a hard hat; some need gloves but others don't. One place needs hi vis vests with sleeves instead of a typical vest. It's just not feasible for any library to have every possible combination of PPE.

What we're using is the illustrated characters from eLearning Art, specifically the Designer Realistic sets. Those characters have PPE as separate layers in the images, so you can show or hide exactly what you need. You can also recolor the hard hats or other elements. I was able to edit the images to add sleeves to the vests too. You can customize them quite a bit (pose the arms, mix and match the expressions). I edit the images outside of Storyline and then import the PNGs into Storyline. It's a bit time consuming at the beginning to customize the characters how we need them, but once they're set up, it's pretty fast to add them to Storyline.

See if these might meet your needs for your project. (I have no affiliation with them, just a happy customer.)

eLearning Art realistic design illustrated characters with PPE