Customizing Content to pretest answers

Feb 10, 2016

Hi Everyone! I have a situation where I am trying to customize the material so the learner is only exposed to the material related to the questions he or she did not answer correctly. I have tried using a "review' button on the incorrect feedback slides that jumps right to that material, but then they just go there before answering the next question. I want the learner to take the full pretest, then when they enter the course, have only those slides related to the material they missed show, then take the post test. I am sure it is possible using conditions but cannot get my brain around how to do it. Anyone out there have this solved?

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Joe Waddington

Using variables would help you separate your content based on the quiz results.

Each question gets a true/false variable attached to it. True if they get it right, False if wrong.

Then, set a trigger on each of your content slides to only display if the appropriate variable is false.

Addtionally, you could make a menu screen that had buttons jumping to different sections, and only the buttons for the misses questions appeared.

Here's a very quick sample I threw together.

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