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Feb 01, 2019

Someone in another thread asked the question about whether it was possible to create a Storyline course that served up daily questions.

I came up with my own take on this and pulled a quick demo together to show the concept. I wanted to share it here as it might prove interesting to others.

In the demo there are seven buttons, one for each date from 1st-7th Feb 2019.

Clicking a button equal to or earlier than today's date (1st Feb 2019 for anyone reading this after the fact) will launch a question, clicking a date in the future will show a message that you're too early.

The date locking is achieved using javascript. Each button has an execute javascript trigger attached to it. In line 3 of the javascript you'll notice the date that each button becomes unlocked.

var date = "2019-02-01";

Changing the date here will mean the button will remain locked until the new date is reached.

I've published this so you can see it working here:

Source file for anyone interested is attached below.

This demo is completely scalable in that you can add more buttons/dates as needed. You could attach a whole new question bank to each date on the menu if you wanted to add randomisation in to the mix.

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