Decision Trees

Hi All

I have been asked to look into representing some decision trees (each is only about 3 or 4 branches long) into an eLearning format. Does anyone have any experience of doing this or can anyone help with ideas on how this could be represented? Open to all suggestions but would particularly be interested in how this could be done with Articulate. Also if anyone knows of any examples they could point me in the direction of to have a look at that would be great. thanks a lot for any help

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Mel Aclaro

Hi Justin.

One thing that comes to mind is maybe to consider using a mindmap.  MindJet has a free trial you might consider.   With the latest release, they now have an SWF player export that is interactive.  

Anyway, here's their template gallery.  It might give some ideas.

P.S.  Though the domain above shows "" their product website is at