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Can anyone please tell me is it possible to set up default player settings. Every time I  import a PowerPoint to storyline 2 I have to go in and change the advance by user from automatic to by user on every slide all the text defaults top the wrong text and everything is jumbled up. I may as well forget import and write everything in Storyline

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Jackson Hamner

You can set the player settings once and then export the player settings. That way when you make a new project you should just be able to import that saved player settings and it will adjust them for you.

You can find the settings here:

I hope this helps!

Let me know if i misunderstood your question or if it doesn't work!

Dean Otley

Hi Jackson

Sorry I think its me... If I import a PowerPoint in to storyline 2 it seems to pick up some settings, i.e. the font always defaults to 'Open Sans' even if its in Arial on the PowerPoint the slide properties always defaults to (slide advances: Automatically) and not how it is set in PowerPoint. And not as I want 'by user' and all the text and images from the PowerPoint of the slides ends all over the slides in Storyline not anything like they were in PowerPoint.

Hope that makes more sense..



Peggy Stringfellow

I have the same question as Mark. Unfortunately, Jackson's response above appears to only affect Player settings. I have a big LMS conversion project where we are importing all of our existing PowerPoint instruction (as is) into Storyline files. I plan to redesign and make them interactive later. The only thing that I am building directly in Storyline are the quizzes at the end of the imported PowerPoint, since the quiz builder in our LMS is not adequate (go figure!). Like Mark, I've also been deleting the "Jump to next slide when the timeline ends" trigger, just to clean up triggers as well as changing the slide property to advance only by user and not the default -- automatically. Font color and size also do not come over cleanly, so I am spending considerable time cleaning up each of these PowerPoint imports. Perhaps this is a necessary evil right now, but I wish it were possible to import cleanly. Then I could spend time building interesting interactions rather than cleaning up old PowerPoints [yawn...more coffee please!].