Defining Success - Client Training via eLearning

Hello! I am brand new to this forum (although I've spent a lot of time reading, I am just not much of a commenter since I am so new to the world of eLearning and ISD).

 I work for a mid-sized business unit within a very large international corporation that operates in the business and consumer services space with a strong focus on technology.  We are in the process of creating a client-facing training department that will focus on training for our SaaS model as well as general regulatory knowledge.

 This is truly a “brave new world” for us and I was hoping folks on this forum might be willing to explain their success metrics when running a client-facing training department. Prior to this, all of our training was internal with very minimal involvement with our clients directly. With internal training it is easier to define success metrics; you can measure week to week performance as well as turnover and promotion rates, but with our client training model we’re looking at 1 or 2 hour Storyline courses or live webinars – how do you really gauge if the training is a success with such limited interaction?

I thought there might be folks willing to share their best practices as well as how you have defined "success" within a client training space.

Thank you to all that might be willing to share their insight!

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Bob S

I would challenge you to expand your definition of success measures and include things from (and beyond) the standard levels 1-4. For example...  Level 0 - How many people have you touched?  Not great by itself, but given your department's role an important measure when taken along with measures.

Some random ideas to get you thinking...

What percentage of clients are taking advantage of the training vs total clients. Is that increasing or decreasing?

How many clients take more than one module (possible relevance/satisfaction indicator)

(long term) Ranked survey including quality  of training support/materials in their decision to purchase

Matching post sales support calls against list of clients that completed training. Is there a trend indicator that clients that took the training needed less post sales support?




Alexander Salas

Hi Maria, 

Welcome to the community! This is an interesting question because typically client facing operations don't get too involved in the success metrics of clients or ROI evaluations.  Of course, that changes if those services are charged separately to clients.  However, if you engage in this with your clients, not much changes in terms of evaluation as you would do in the corporate world.  After all, chances are your clients are businesses of any size that need to meet some specific need.  For example; in the past I worked for SaaS developers and collaborated with their technical support centers to gauge metrics on the types of calls received prior and after a training implementation.  Why? Because a major business need was to reduce "basic" knowledge calls about the software by 30% which translated to $5000 savings per month.  In closing, you would need much more coordination with key players on the client's side to get the data needed to validate your efforts.