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Rebecca Harnett

It depends on the content of the slide  Apparently an average person reads 200- 250,words per minute which is about 3 or 4 words per second so you could use this as a guide. 

Normally I would delay it for less time than the average, though.  I am a really quick reader and being forced to sit looking at a screen, once I have read it,  is one of my pet hates. 

My feeling is that even a few seconds delay stops the automatic click through.  If you have had to look at a screen for a few seconds you are probably going to read what's on it and people are unlikely to stop reading once they have started, if there isn't too much text on the screen.

Steve Flowers

I'm generally opposed to this strategy. I get the regulatory requirements but I really think the folks that write minimum seat time rules don't understand the first thing about human behavior, learning, performance, or business value. I'd prefer to have stuff that folks can read / reference exist in formats that best support acquisition of the media (printable, scrollable, annotatable) and use screen gating for challenges, visuals, explanations, videos, etc..  

If forced to go this way, you might want to make sure there is some visual indication of how much time is left to prevent frustration and navigation ambiguity. The seekbar is an OK way to do this. There isn't currently a way to lock the seekbar from user interaction but I'm working on something I'll post later this week that could help with Flash outputs.