Demo and training recordings from captivate2019. How to branch those in Storyline or even better Rise?

Oct 19, 2020

I have some screen recordings ( demo and training version ) done in captivate2019. Is there anyway i can reuse those files in storyline or rise?

Around these files i would like to build a navigation shell with branching.
In my case a two button menu, that can have the demo version video (software program training) on one button and the training version on the other button and also when both are done, a continue button shows , linked to a page on ( well done ..etc)  completion and an exit button to take next module.

If i had this source files only in Storyline format that i could do, but now i have the screen recordings source files from captivate 2109. Which makes this more interesting.

Re-recording the sources is not an option
No branded templates in Captivate 2019 but i have branded templates in SL360 and RS360.
I could work in Captivate but then i would have to do tons of look and feel work, creating branding from scratch etc..

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