[DEMO] - Course Progress Meter


I posted this over on another thread, however, thought it might be worth a separate post.

People often ask about "Progress Meters", and visual indicators of how far a student is in a course.

This is a concept that Phil Mayor developed (thanks buddy!), and which I seem, eventually to have got the hang of - it works particularly well for me because I also almost exclusively use a "slide-based hub menu" rather than the built-in Storyline menu, and one of these can sit in the middle of that menu. Visually it is congruent.

This is a Course Progress Meter based on a Thermometer image, (kindly created in PowerPoint and provided by Angie Martinez).

There's no limit to what you could do here, it just needs a bit of planning. Have a go, it's certainly a great way to get some confidence in using States, Triggers, Conditions and Variables. Shout if anyone needs a Screenr to explain more.


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