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Jill McNair


Great job!  I think that we need more storytelling in elearning.  This was a very effective use of that.  You took a very interesting story and put us right in the middle of it.  Thanks for the nod (flattered!).  Creating demos is such a wonderful way to build skills (and fun for the rest of us too!)


Belen Casado

Thanks all!!!

I'm flattered now, and a bit flushed...

I wanted to do something with this story about the actual double agent, I saw it so interesting! And when I saw Tom Kuhlmann's template I saw the whole story in it. Then, while building it, I tought about the fear of being caught in being a double agent, so I remembered Jill's "The Door" and it fitted perfectly well! :)

It's true that sometimes I'm more interested in storytelling than in the software itself. If the content doesn't motivate me, I don't squeeze Articulate tools.

So, here is something to think about... Do we feel motivated by contents? Do contents "live" through our tools? Do we catch their essence?