[demo] Dynamic slide pauses

Hi All,

Our course audience are often non-English speakers. This makes it sometime difficult to estimate how much time they need to read what’s written in the captions.

Forcing the English speakers to click on next, is pretty annoying for them. And automatically advancing is annoying for the non-native English speakers as they will not have time to read all.

We wanted to re-use ALL my slides and not just duplicate them. Check-out the example.



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Richard Maloney

Personally, Geert, I don't see where you have a much of a problem. I've gone through countless presentations where I had to click NEXT to proceed (heck, I've designed some that way!). It really isn't an inconvenience in my mind. This would customize your presentation for your audience and be the simplest way to solve your advancing issue, IMO.

Walt Hamilton

I agree with Richard. With the sample, I noticed that the advance icons don't appear early enough to give the rapid reader any control. I think what you want is for the user to control their own pace, and not be forced to advance before they are ready, nor be forced to remain after they have finished. The delay in the appearance of the advance icon effectively prevents half of your users from having that control.

I'm assuming that you are only playing around with the guessing game with the icons, and that in real life, They would have a consistent location and appearance.