[Demo] Leadership module

Hi everyone

I am trying to figure out the design and interaction for a leadership course. What you see here is a first draft for this course. What I want to show is how we can use pictures, video and interactivity to create a exciting experience for our students. I spent around 7 hours on this draft. Hope you enjoy it.

PS: The text is in norwegian

PS2: Dont mind the crazy person in the videos


I would love some feedback on this project.

Thank you

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Bruce Graham

Hi Morten!

I absolutely LOVE the photo images with the white border, and it seems easy enough to understand the navigation.

I was not so keen on the "Baby" and "Belzebub" images, I felt the style did not match the rest of the feel, however, kudos for the first ever course I have taken that has Belzebub as a character! 


Josh Cavalier


This is a great start. 

I love the art direction and the cut out feel of the images. Since those looks remain consistent - your users should feel immersed in the course. You may want to look at different text caption shapes. The oval shape creates a large amount of white space in the caption that almost makes the text seems like its floating. You may want to think of using another shape or reduce the margins. 

Be careful when you first introduce new forms of interactivity. You users may not understand that your captions progress numerically, or that they are clickable. You may want to put a student directive on the screen explaining that feature. 

The angel/devil interaction is works for me, but maintain consistency of the close button's position. You alternate the close button from left to right depending if it' an angel or devil feedback. I would rather see different colors used than change the interface functionality on the student. 

Good luck with the course!

Josh Cavalier


Kristin Savko

This is very cool

I like all the clickable circles, although on the first slide with all the characters, I did miss that I could click to see more on the first go-around. Not sure if that would have been avoided if I could read Norwegian :) 

Did make me think though about how my not being able to read the text was a real good test of how well the navigation worked. Hmmm.

I second Josh's comment about the close button on the angel/devil. 

Love love the cutout style and the name tags (although sometimes, like with Lars, it's a bit awkward where it's coming out of his head). Otherwise, the layout on that first scenario page got me real excited to see what the rest of the course was going to look like. Very pleasing.

Thank you for sharing!

Morten Skoglund

Thank you for the feedback.

I am really excited with this project since It's my first here at the University. To be honest I just choose the angel/devil as placeholders for the advisors. The idea came when I thought about them sitting on your shoulders whispering their own advises in your ear

I agree on the close buttons, it's just annoying. Im going to vote for the graphic style, but we will use our own photos of real leaders in the organization. I probably have to trick  them on the green screen to get all kinds of situational photos.

As I said, can't wait

Gordon UBS Lam

Nice work Morten!  I have just a couple of comments… First, there are clickable places in the module (for example the Start Kurset button) where the object is not clickable on the text itself, I thought I had done something wrong until I realized I had to place my mouse off the text to be able to click.  You can easily fix that.

Second, and don’t get me wrong here I like them, but you need to be sure you know your audience well before you use angel and devil characters.  There may be some people who could object to those characters for various reasons, none of which I think I need to describe here.  Again, I am not saying don’t use them, but I have found that if there is anything in my courses that someone could find objectionable, they will! 

Morten Skoglund

Hi Gordon

Yeah I noticed that problem with the start button myself. A bit annoying but solvable. You are absolutely right about those two figures. I will not use them in the course, I mainly put them in there as fun illustrations and placeholders since I didn't have photos of the real people.

I want advisors but they are going to be two professors who teach in this subject. They will advise the students on what they think will be a good approach to solve a problem.

Appreciate the feedback