[DEMO] Menu Toolkit for Articulate Storyline

Jan 26, 2014

UPDATE (15 Feb 2016):
I couldn't help but notice, I've had this up for more than two years now. Glad some of you still find it useful.

However other than some demographics, and the narcissistic right to brag about the download count, I don't have a feel of how (or whether) folks are using this, or if it is just collecting dust on one's hard drive as just another collectors item.

You're all encouraged to post screenshots, videos and/or talk about how you're making use of this template, and help me try to raise the feature list a notch, in the process.


Hello everyone,

After spending a long time developing courses and/or course demo's/concepts I realised I spend far too much time on the menu/navigation/progress side of things instead of fully concentrating on how to effectively present content. So at some point I started wondering of ways with which I could minimise the time and effort needed for all this, in order to focus on the latter, more important tasks.

With this template you can create and populate your course ToC automatically by modifying just one Storyline variable. You will then find that all Scenes/chapters and slides will be appropriately visible inside the menu and all course progress statistics will be calculated automatically.


  • Supports up to 16 Chapters
  • Supports up to 256 Slides (16 slides per chapter)
  • Extensible
  • Easy to style - only change Master Slide Base and 2 other layers
  • Easy to modify - use the stock Articulate navigation buttons or create your own.

    Automatic Calculation for :
  • Current Date
  • Course progress (pct)
  • Chapters Complete
  • Chapters Remaining
  • Slides Complete
  • Slides Remaining

The demo can be found below, although to fully appreciate the template, you should probably download and play with it, and then publish to FTP.

Download (Sign-up required)
Download (via Facebook)

Have a go and tell me what you think...


P.S.: I realise the sign up is tedious, but it really helps me get country information on downloads (which is the only metric I am currently interested in, as far as analytics go).

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Alexandros Anoyatis


Well, I wanted this to be a "1-2-3-bang-here you go" solution, which is especially during situations where I have to send (free) customised demos for contracts i am pushing to win. This just saves the time to go through the menu and progress statistics (2 things my clients tend to request a lot).

If - say - you would rather have a list of chapters/slides rather than flat boxes, all you have to do is change the size and positioning of those elements inside the two layers on the Slide Master.

If  you would rather use your own back/next buttons, then again all you just need to make sure the custom navigation works - all calculated progress statistics are completely separate and will work regardless of the way you want to navigate. You can even use the stock Player Menu if you like as well.

If there's any questions, let me know, I'll try to answer them straight away!

Thanks for the comments so far!

David Glow

Nice separation of the presentation layers vs the logic layers so folks have flexibility to tweak the skin but get all this functionality.

My question:

Seems that the progress is purely based on "slide count" but I assume you can also add quizzes as a passing parameter as necessary (but this won't impact slide count unless you put in controls to impact navigation - i.e. "cannot proceed until quiz is passed").

Is that correct?

Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi David,

You are exactly right. As long as you don't set a value for 'activeSlide' and 'activeChapter' on your slide, they won't count as part of this. The downside of this (right now) is that these slides will not be linked to the menu.

If you want to include a test you would have to copy all triggers and JS over to the quiz Masters and add/set the other two triggers (activeChapter and activeSlide) to your regular question slides.

I am currently mulling over whether to extend this a little further or not, so any ideas are welcome.


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