Demo: My first Rise course, an epidemiology case study

Mar 14, 2017

Hi everyone!  I've been playing around with Rise and love how easy it is to create content that can be viewed across devices.  This is my first attempt and I'm still revising the course, so I'm open to any suggestions you have...including a more interesting title.  :)

Thanks so much!

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screenshot from course

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Veronica Budnikas

Great work Elizabeth!

I really like all the great images and the STOP AND THINK activities. I also really liked the self-assessment in section Infections vs Intoxications where after the knowledge check the user can review if they did not do well.

This is super minor, but when part 1 started and you introduced the main characters, there were quite a few of them. Then the story started with Cindy, but I couldn't remember who she was so I had to go back and check. Perhaps you can keep the intros as they are, but when you then go into the story, provide a short caption on the character image to remind the user where this character fits in in the overall picture.

The only other thing for me was that after the Pre-assessment I was still in cruise ship mode, and I thought that same story was going to continue. so perhaps if you can find a way to be clearer that Meet the Stakeholders is a different case? Perhaps the title could reflect that instead of 'Meet the stakeholders'. Again, this was just my perception, but when I read that I thought I'd be meeting the stakeholders from the cruise ship case. The intro paragraph goes:

"Now that you have completed the preassessment and seen the course objectives, it's time to begin the real case. Before you do, take a moment to get acquainted with the swim club employees, swim club members and birthday party guests, and the Department of Health investigators that will play a part in this scenario."

If I was to edit that a bit I would probably add a sentence between sentence 1 and 2, along the lines of "This case is about ...." and maybe even a name for the case as part of the first sentence?

Anyway, I am being super picky, the course is great, and using scenarios like this is super effective and engaging, well done!

Oh, as far as titles go I reckon you could get super creative with this one, but all I can think of right now is "What's in the POOl?" ;) 


Sam Lincoln

Elizabeth, what a great 'first attempt'. I'll admit to only scimming because of the time I have available. It's visually appealing and I like your writing style. The thoughful use of interactions adds rhythm which is particularly important in a course of such length.

On that point you might consider breaking the project into separate Rise modules so that the student can choose which module to take based on the result of their pre-assessment.

I liked it ... thanks for sharing.


Tania Lee

I enjoyed that you didn't bombard me with the scientific facts on the first slide but started with a scenario and asked me how I would react. I also enjoyed how you've sort of taken a student workbook approach for this by weaving a question to contextualize the problem, then presented the facts, and then asked me to reflect on the learning experience, for example "How did you do?" card. I am new to Rise and your example has reminded me that I don't have to just create a "clickity-click" type of presentation. Thank you for sharing.

Mary Field

Reviewing your course gave me some fabulous ideas for some courses I'm developing using Storyline 2.  I have been  case studies as a learning device but I love the way you have organized the material and turned the 'What if's" into teaching opportunities.

I am always inspired and encouraged by the e-learning heroes and wish I could be as inspiring.   

Thanks for sharing this.


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