Demo: Put out the fire

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to get some feedback from other developers here. This is a portfolio sample I've been working on for a couple of days now. I tried to create a screenr for this but the site isn't detecting Java on my computer (even though I installed it three times) so I'll have to write out the instructions.

EDIT:  Here is the screenr with instructions -

(Thanks Owen!)

The objective:  You have to successfully discharge the fire extinguisher in 3-5 second bursts at the base of the fire for a total of three times. 

Drag the Fire Hose within range of the fire. Use the Spacebar to open and close the hose. 

Screen Display

On the bottom you have-

On Target: This lets you know if you are aiming at the base of the fire. It will turn green if you are aiming it correctly.

Pressure: This indicate the pressure left in the tank. If this gets empty, you fail this assessment.

On top - 

You have 3 check marks: You get a check mark every time you successfully discharge the fire extinguisher. Get three and you win.

Timer: when you turn on the hose (spacebar) you will get a timer on the top right corner showing how many seconds have passed. It goes away when the hose is closed.

Here is the demo.

P.S.  Something I noticed. If you let go of the drag object, when you try to drag it again, it acts really weird. I think this is due to the odd shape of the different states. If this happens, just reset the slide (a couple of times) or just reload the site.

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Jerson  Campos

Remind me not to hand you the fire extinguisher then. 

The "center" of the drag object (hose) acts up when you release it. It seems that the alignment of the drag object and the drag over object gets moved due to the hose being really long and that the state changes when you turn it on. I might have to rethink this exercise and just have the user practice 3-5 second bursts.

Jerson  Campos

Thanks Joshua,

The spacebar was kind of tricky. I originally attempted to do this with a true and false variable. After some failed attempts I realized I had to create some switch layers ( my term for layers that switch back and forth to control a status of an object). I created two layers that were there only turn the hose on and off. This way you can use the same key to control the item and not have to have two separate keys.