[DEMO] - The Power of the Timeline

Jul 07, 2012

There was a thread which suggested that the Timeline was not a very clever tool for animation synching.

As a reply - I humbly offer the "Nothing Better To Do On a Saturday Night Synch Shuffle"

**NOTE - this is a Dropbox link, so if you get some latency, the finely crafted, split-second timings will not work, and I will look like a complete plonker.

I may do anyway.

I have also attached the .story just in case anyone is interested.


PS - One pizza got accidentally incinerated during the production of this Demo...but Messrs. Merlot and Stella Artois are more than making up for my sense of loss....

PPS - it may help if you tap your feet like metronome, and sing along when appropriate...It may not.

PPPS - I am not sure the Merlot helped the production standards...

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Andy Bowyer

Timing things to the beat (or beats) in a music track is an old, but effective tool I've employed as an audio editor many times.  Once upon a time, I was tasked to create a weekly "Tailgate Show" opener for our local college football teams pre-game coverage.  Essentially I was given a script, a set of voice cuts and interview clips, and told "Go Nuts."  Having only the AUDIO to rely on to tell the story, I had to get creative with the background music for said presentation.  Fortunately, we had ASCAP/BMI rights, so I could use whatever I wanted for background. 

It's quite easy to create visceral responses JUST with music.  And yes, it's ALL about the timing when you do that. 

Outstanding example, Mr. Bruce.  Just fab.