[DEMO] What I've learned during these months

Hi all!

It's been almost a year since I know Articulate, and 4 months since I'm a freelancer.

I've built a demo with different elements that I've been able to add to my courses thanks to your tutorials and your support, so I'm very proud of belonging to this community!

In this demo, you can find: the use of buttons, triggers, variables, lightboxes, scrolls... I hope you like it!


Belen Casado

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Anand Timothy (Windmill Learning)

Hey Belen,

Thats a nice and comprehensive demo showcasing some of the best of Articulate features. Thanks for sharing.

Just a question, on slides with question 1 and 2, is the learners supposed to be able to make notes (since I was unable to) or is it just for representational purpose.



Belen Casado

Hi Richard, the intention is to show in questions 1 and 2 the notes that the student took when analyzing the different CVs in the previous slides. If you wrote something before, then these questions will show it.

Thanks, Susan. I still can do some more things but I thought it'd be interesting to show the best of a recent delivered project. I'm sure you'll do something similar soon.



Belen Casado