Demonstrating a long online process

I received good recommendations on this forum and hope to get a few more good ideas.  For a lengthy Storyline online module, I plan to break it up into separate shorter modules with separate links and to have a blended approach, but does it make sense to create a module in Rise and import this into a Storyline module or just have some of the modules created in Storyline and some in Rise all listed in the LMS individually, but part of the same course group.  I have to teach approximately 100+ slides of content to learners via these online modules and we are making them as interactive as possible.  Some of the modules will have interactive videos, some will be where the learner has to click to advance and there will be knowledge checks and quizzes potentially.    Thanks!

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Dave Goodman

Is there a reason why you would not do the entire course in 360 without ever touching Rise? 360 provides you much more future opportunities to create/design more advanced interactions (which increases audience engagement). Also, you eliminate any potential problems of going between two different systems (Rise and 36), you increase your personal skills within 360, and you increase your company exposure by doing a higher level training course. I would suggest that you create a single interaction with 1 screen, 2 layers and narration on all three and compare the process, ease of use and outcomes, then make your decision.

Jeannette McGlinsky

No there is no reason I wouldn't do everything in 360, I was just thinking of different options.  I like the look and feel of Rise for some things.  What I am trying to avoid is having 1 long Storyline module with numerous menu items, so that is why I plan on breaking it up into several lessons.  I am adding as much interactivity as possible so the learner is always advancing or answering questions etc, not just watching a video.  They are learning a online software and process (creating, approving time sheets etc) and I'm just trying to make a more interesting so they retain more.  Thanks!

Trina Rimmer

Hi Jeannette. My two cents, but with the volume of content you're describing, I think it's smart to consider using a blend of Rise 360 and Storyline 360 courses. You could use similar colors, fonts, and image styling to visually tie them together. And because Rise 360 is quick for building courses that don't require a lot of custom interactivity you might also save some time. You could lean into Storyline 360 for course topics that need custom interaction like a complex branching scenario, a drag & drop activity, or if you want to award points or badges for certain learner achievements. There are tons of examples of ways other folks are using Rise 360 for their projects in our Examples hub. Might be worth checking out if you could use some more concrete ideas!