Demonstrating the potential features in Rise or Storyline

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has created any examples from Storyline and Rise to showcase their possibilities for eLearning?

I am looking to put together two example courses that users can review to see which would best suit the style of training they require so would be interested in seeing any examples others have used.



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Nicole Legault

Hey Linda!

Thanks for coming here to the community with your question. 

We actually have this part of our website called E-Learning Examples and when you pop on in there you'll see there are simply loads of Storyline and Rise example courses for you to peruse. Keep in mind that Rise is likely to work as a tool for creating 80% of your content, and Storyline will be used when you want something more interactive or custom. 

Here's a few e-learning examples created with each tool:


Storyline is great for customer service, sales, or any type of interactive scenario or conversation between people. Here's a few examples.

You can also use Storyline to build just about any type of game. A few examples:

Storyline also has a built in screen recording tool which makes it great for software simulations. Here's a few examples:


Rise is more template based, but still works for a huge variety of content types.

Hopefully these examples give you some insights into what types of courses you can accomplish with each tool. Also, as mentioned, there's tons more in the E-Learning Examples section.