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Ulises Musseb

I have used SL to show that type of diagram. I add interactivity to avoid cognitive overload, showing the parts of the diagram as the narration flows, or as a drag and drop activity.

Users click or drag (depending on how/what I'm showing/pointing out) portions of the diagram progressively, and the parts of the diagram appear progressively. That way learners can go over it without feeling overwhelmed or not knowing where to look first.

Here's an example of one rather complicated diagram that can be simplified with interactivity. However, Engage doesn't have the capabilities to accomplish that. Storyline does.

Carolyn knight

I have not used SL but I am sure I can monkey around and use the slider functions, etc.

Any pointers to show phases as the processes is satisfied and moved to the next function in the assembly line.

ANY advice is appreciated...I can even send a gift of some kind!  I lack patience sometimes !