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I am at a point in my day where I am just out of creative ideas....after imagining methods of using a whack-a-mole (Whack-a-Tsumi) game and a game where a monster breaks out of a cage for Customer Service classes, I am just stumped...

I have a slide that is going to go over my companies 4 core values, mission statement, vision statement and customer service philosophy, and this is the best that I can come up with...

When each section is clicked, the text will appear in the middle and after everything has been clicked on the CS philosophy will show up..

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Eric Nalian

Hey Colin,

My question is, I want to share my company's 4 core values (Commitment, Intensity, Accountability, and Customer Service), Mission Statement, Vision Statement and Customer Service Philosophy in a way that is not boring. The way it is set up in my screenshot above is when each one is clicked on the definitions of each will be displayed in the middle.  After the 6 parts have been clicked the Customer Service Philosophy will show in the middle.

I was just looking for ideas on how to spice this up, and not make it so boring.



Colin Eagles

Hey Eric,

I figured that it was along those lines; just wanted to be sure.  I like the design that you've gone with.  I would likely do something similar; perhaps using existing (familiar) value material.  Sometimes simple is good too - especially when it's core value and fairly brief.


Hugh Gardner

Are you using Storyline or Studio for this?  If Storyline, you could do something like below (I apologize for the crudity of the model and lack of scale), where you have elements appear after the corporate logo is clicked on or hovered over.  Another idea that would take more art time than I have right now would be to construct it like a puzzle, with the corporate imagery central and each click on a piece adds a new piece that is then clicked on to add another piece until down, ect (I'll try and squeeze an example of that in later today).

Hugh Gardner

It's a quickie, but I've included a storyline file that allows you to click on each puzzle piece to make the next appear (middle piece starts it off).  Might be a little too lighthearted for corporate environment, but if you like it (or anyone else), let me know and I can send the psd file for the puzzle pieces.  With a little more work on the pieces you could have pictures on them, info ect.  Plus triggers could be added to each piece to expand them into media or other interactions, or have audio explaining the concept piece.