Design idea for demonstrating human nerve electrical messages

I am working with a client on a medical training module.  I am using Articulate Presenter.   

The SME wants one slide to cover a concept about electrical stimulation within a human nerve.  She has provided me with a slide that has an image in .jpg file to illustrate what I am talking about.  She wants to demonstrate how an electrical signal passes along the nerve fibers in different directions and sequences. 

It is very difficult to portray this to the learners.  I am thinking I may need to use more than one slide to do this.  Any ideas on how I might be able to design something better that can display to the learners how the electrical signals move? Nerve with Electrical Stimulation

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Steve Flowers

Hey Greg - 

Is a video out of the question? Also, does she want to convey a constant flow or a bursty flow? When I taught electronics stuff, we used some animation with masked elements. 

You can build masks in a variety of tools. You can fake it in PowerPoint. Using some layers you could represent a color change and some type of overlay that produces the mental image of "electrical". Something like the attached might do the trick. I brought your image into Photoshop and erased the top line.  I painted in another line, added a glow, separated the glow from the layer. Treated with difference clouds then brought into PPT and gave it another lightening and added a random bars entry and exit. 

I'd also consider starting with something they see regularly. Like a light switch and a light bulb. Or a garage door and door opener switch. It's not exactly the same mechanic, but the idea is the same. "So it works like a switch? Power goes to the light, power goes to the muscle?" Push the I believe button. 

On the screen, having the illustration for nerve activation and one above it with the lightbulb above the muscle and the switch above the spinal cord with wires going to the bulb. Throw the switch and highlight the nerve lines and the circuit lines.